Tee It Forward


Have Fun!
When you play from the correct tee box you are setting yourself up to shoot a good score, which leads to a more enjoyable day on the course. If you play a tee box that doesn’t reflect your skill level, you are likely to shoot a higher score than normal, which leads to personal and playing partner frustration. 

Pace Of Play
The recommended pace of play for four players who are playing 18 holes is 4 hours/ 15 minutes or less. If you play over the recommended pace of play time, you are probably playing from a tee yardage that is too long. Playing from the correct tee will help you keep a good pace which leads to a fun day at the course. 

Toddy Brook Recommended Tee Selection
Black Tees : Driver – 225+ Yards
Blue Tees: Driver – 200+ Yards
White Tees: Driver – 175+ Yards
Gold Tees: Driver – 150 + Yards
Red Tees: Driver – 100 + Yards

Golf Fun Formula

Playing Correct Tee = Lower Scores = Good Pace Of Play = FUN!!!

Please contact our PGA Professional, Rick Altham (rickaltham@pga.com) if you have questions or need assistance choosing the correct tee for your game. Thank you.